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Professor Young-Kee Kim leads conference for aspiring female scientists 2/20/14

Profs. Giulia Galli, Veronica Guerrieri, Jessica J. Kandel, Angela Olinto, Jessica Stockholder, S. Diane Yamada, and Judith Zeitlin among UChicago faculty recognized with new professorships 2/4/14

American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering honors Ka Yee Lee 1/30/14

Susanne Hoeber Rudolph and Lloyd I. Rudolph win India's prestigious Padma Bhushan Award 1/25/14

Team led by Inbal Bartal and Peggy Mason finds that social experience leads to empathetic, pro-social behavior in rats 1/14/14

Janet Rowley, cancer genetics pioneer, passes 12/17/13

First research network for female scientists launched 10/1/13

Maryellen L. Giger, Lauren Berlant, Karin Knorr Cetina, Elisabeth S. Clemens, and Susan C. Levine among faculty members recognized for outstanding scholarships with new professorships 7/25/13

Linda Ginzel recognized by students for work in classroom 7/25/13

Jean Bethke Elshtain, scholar of religion and political philosophy, 1941-2013 8/12/13

Veronica Guerrieri named top Italian economist younger than 40 5/21/13

Jennifer Cole among faculty members awarded Guggenheim Fellowships 5/10/13

Pastora San Juan Cafferty, distinguished scholar of Hispanics, 1940-2013 4/22/13

Janet Rowley shares prestigious medical prize with cancer treatment pioneers 4/17/13

Wei Wei among four UChicago scholars receive early career fellowships from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 3/18/13

Elizabeth McNally & Marianne Bertrand among faculty members recognized for outstanding research with new professorships 3/7/13

Angela Olinto among four UChicago faculty elected as fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science 12/10/12

Sue Rosser speaks on today’s barriers to ‘breaking into the lab’ 11/26/12

Peggy Mason profiled on NOVA special airing on November 7, 2012.

Sian Beilock profiled on NOVA special airing on October 24, 2012.

Susan Michal Fisher, noted psychiatrist, passes 10/05/2012

Sharon Feng appointed Executive Director of Institute of Molecular Engineering 09/14/2012

Nancy Kawalek appointed distinguished fellow in arts, sciences, technology 8/23/2012

Holly Humphrey, Frances Ferguson, Kathleen Morrison, Rosanna Warren, and Ayelet Fishbach among faculty members recognized for outstanding research with new professorships 8/20/2012

Martha Nussbaum's new book explores fears about Muslims in the West 7/27/2012

Paula Worthington and Ann Perry among UChicago faculty members honored for graduate-level teaching in the professional schools 7/6/2012

Elsie M. Pinkston, distinguished expert on child welfare, passes 6/04/2012

Martha Roth reappointed to second term as Dean of Humanities 5/25/2012 

Martha Nussbaum honored with Prince of Asturias Award for Social Sciences 5/14/2012

Marianne Bertrand, Martha Feldman, and Augusta Read Thomas among eight UChicago faculty members named American Academy of Arts and Sciences fellows 4/17/2012

Alison Bechdel among four UChicago scholars receive Guggenheim fellowships 4/16/2012

Jean Allard, first female vice president at UChicago, passes 2/21/2012

Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer and Young-Kee Kim among seven UChicago faculty receiving named professorships 2/8/2012

Janet Rowley to receive Japan Prize for research in cancer therapy 1/25/2012

Janel Mueller among three UChicago Humanities faculty members honored by Modern Language Association 1/6/2012

Project Exploration founder Gabrielle Lyon named 2011 'Chicagoan of the Year' 1/5/2012


NEWS and features, 2011

Dr. Melissa Gilliam researches ways to prevent teen pregnancy

Laurie Butler among four faculty members elected to American Association for the Advancement of Science 12/11/2011

Peggy Mason's research indicates, rats more human than we thought 12/8/2011

Laurie Butler honored by the American Chemical Society 11/15/2011

Ariel Kalil awarded a research grant from the Russell Sage Foundation 9/12/2011

Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade among two others elected to American Philosophical Society 7/22/2011

Marcela Carena among four faculty members awarded international recognition 7/13/2011 

Lee Fennell, Margaret Mitchell, and Cathryn Nagler among twelve UChicago faculty to receive named, distinguished service professorships 7/6/2011

Christine Mehring, Linda Ginzel, Paula Worthington, Ting-Wa Wong, and Susan Glick among faculty honored for graduate–level teaching 6/30/2011

Alice Hogge among UChicago faculty who received named appointments 6/9/2011

Deborah Nelson named Deputy Provost for Graduate Education 6/25/2011

Jean Comaroff to deliver annual Ryerson Lecture 6/13/2011 

American Association for the Advancement of Science elects four UChicago fellows 4/26/2011

Margaret M. Mitchell among nine UChicago scholars elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences 4/20/2011

Sian Beilock earns honor from Association for Psychological Science 4/18/2011

Professor Judith Zeitlin receives Guggenheim fellowship 4/13/2011

Ariel Kalil awarded MacArthur Foundation grant 3/10/2011

Julia Chuzhoy and Veronica Guerrieri among five UChicago scholars awarded Alfred P. Sloan fellowships 3/4/2011

President Obama names Olopade to National Cancer Advisory Board 3/2/2011

Jeanne Century shares the 2011 Journal of Research in Science Teaching Award 2/25/2011

Research pioneer Janet Rowley participates in a Facebook Q&A 2/22/2011

Miriam Hansen, renowned film scholar, passes 2/8/2011 


Older News and Features

UChicago anthropologist Shannon Dawdy receives MacArthur Fellowship

"Sian Beilock and colleagues study transference of math anxiety to girls" , 1/25/10

Nussbaum finds the drama in philosophy, 2010

Sian Beilock studies the brain's key role in "choking"

Marianne Bertrand on Women's Rise in Workforce, 12/30/09

Scholarly sleuthing, exhaustive examination uncover a forgery in Library, Margaret M. Mitchell, 12/3/09

Janet Rowley presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama, 8/12/09

Dr. Janet Rowley honor bound, 2009

Pamela Martin investigates sustainable agricultural practices, 8/5/09

Amy Dru Stanley and Malynne Sternstein named 2009 Quantrell Award Honorees, 5/28/09

Nussbaum Receives Prestigious American Philosophical Society Prize, 4/30/09

Earth Scientist Pamela Martin Joins Other Experts in Global Warming Fight, 4/2/09

Martha Nussbaum Bridges the Gap between Legal Philosophy and Practice, 2/2/09

Cancer Specialist Olufunmilayo F.Olopade Elected to Institute of Medicine, 10/13/08

Susan Kidwell Discusses the Secret Life of Shells, 8/5/08

Wendy Doniger Speaks about Hinduism, 6/7/08

Kathleen Morrison Examines South Asia's Environmental Challenges, 3/2/07

Angela Olinto Lectures on Detecting Cosmic Rays, 2/1/05


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